A Cure for Wellness 2017

  • Quality: WEB-DL
  • Translation: English, German
  • Year: 2017
  • Length: 2h 26min
  • Country: Germany, USA
  • Genres: Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
  • IMDB: 6,5 (30137)
  • Director: Gore Verbinski
  • Actors: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth, Ivo Nandi, Adrian Schiller, Celia Imrie
A Cure for Wellness 2017
A Cure for Wellness 2017
A Cure for Wellness 2017
An arrogant, haughty and snobby young bloke, an executive, has an effortless, soothing errand: to go to the Alps and embolden his CEO to toss the center and revert home. The chap surmises and conjectures that this stroll, this jaunt will spur the boss and - supposedly - give him a raise. That seems feasible enough, and Lockhart hops the train.

Yet, the boyo soon comprehends that somethin' horrendous, ghastly and inhumane is goin' down at the flagrant place. The dwellers are crocked and startled, unable to counteract the evildoers that govern the marvellous and luscious "institution".

Erelong, the gent gets entrapped and converted into an obedient, docile patient. But the biddable lad is only simulatin': he's not a lunatic and is seeking to demolish the drug and obliterate the spa. Will the laddie prevail? Or transform into a vegetable and perish?

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Comments 4

  1. nonyabusiness
    nonyabusiness 16 July 2018 10:26
    cant even comprehend how good this movie is like omg!!!!!
  2. Aloise
    Aloise 21 January 2018 04:04
    Looks at marshalove69's comment - couldn't of said it better myself. sweat_smile
    1. sohaib
      sohaib 17 June 2018 11:32
      wtf did he even said
  3. marshalove69
    marshalove69 21 October 2017 16:20
    A Cure for Wellness is an odd, exceedingly well-crafted, gifted with the attention to details with composition centering on gloomy corridors and medicine-horror cliché that intrigues, spits the outcome and rushes away