The Great Dictator 1940

  • Quality: DVDRip
  • Translation: English
  • Year: 1940
  • Length: 2h 5min
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Top IMDB, War, Drama, Comedy
  • IMDB: 8,5 (154 404)
  • Director: Charles Chaplin
  • Actors: Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Jack Oakie
The Great Dictator 1940
The Great Dictator 1940
The Great Dictator 1940
Adenoid Hynkel is a dictator who reigns in a cruel way. One man whose appearance is absolutely the same as his confronts his rules. He works as a hairdresser. One day he attempted to save his friend and after the accident he lost him memory. During this time Hynkel starts to lead the country. Working at the barbershop the hairdresser receives an abuse about his nationality.

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Comments 1

  1. Vicky_Thelonie
    Vicky_Thelonie 17 November 2017 01:03
    This movie, like every Chaplin movie, was so enjoyable to watch. There wasn't a single dull moment, which is what I like in movies. It always held my attention and amazed me by how relevant some of themes are.