Stronger 2017

  • Quality: HD
  • Translation: English
  • Year: 2017
  • Length: 1h 56min
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Drama, Cinema movies
  • IMDB: -
  • Director: David Gordon Green
  • Actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Miranda Richardson
Stronger 2017
Stronger 2017
Stronger 2017
The sport is the new life. He brings to life of each person good health, happiness, and smiles. For major sporting events, people organize great events. One such event is the Boston marathon. There is going to be a lot of people and, unfortunately, this is a great chance for terrorists to make a blast.

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Comments 7

  1. Sara
    Sara 27 April 2018 00:53
    I would have kicked the stupid girl who left him in the car out of my apartment. Throw her shit in the river. That's what idiots like that deserve. Pathetic and selfish of her to do that. If she couldn't live with him she should have said that and left like the wimp she is. Don't torture the poor guy who's already had it pretty bad. She deserved the shouting in the car and a good punch to the throat. Feminists can say whatever, but just because you're a woman doesn't mean you have the right to avoid punishment for your crappy actions. The guy lost his legs and she complains about what it's like for her. Hilarious, really.
    1. Guest Marco Macedo
      Guest Marco Macedo 9 September 2018 19:41
      Sara, most girls our days are selfish, stupid, they dont care about Man feelings anymore, just about money. Disgusting dump stupid Bitches!
  2. hunar jamal
    hunar jamal 31 December 2017 10:14
    thanks for this movie great movie
  3. Lanette Hickenbottom
    Lanette Hickenbottom 23 December 2017 07:44
    I want to download this movie for on vacation. Thank you.
  4. MAV
    MAV 7 December 2017 14:19
  5. Joseph Tierney
    Joseph Tierney 18 November 2017 04:16
    The guy whose depicted by Jake in this movie visited my college and did a speech. He was a really nice guy and it sounds like they made him a bit more angry then he seemed to be when he told us about what he went through, likely to make it a bit more emotional for the movie. Anyways great story and cant wait to watch it.
  6. Nichie
    Nichie 2 November 2017 01:45
    just a trailer